What makes Kurzmann’s Automotive Brokerage Services so different?

1. Every car has been sold without the buyer coming to see it…..a.k.a. “sight unseen”

2. Every vehicle left its state of origin. Several left the country!!

3. Using my research and experience to determine a fair market price has helped sell most of my customers’ cars within 30 days.

What We Offer

Kurzmann’s Automotive Brokerage Services offers:

  • a safe, proven, and private way to “sell” any classic, vintage, exotic, or muscle car without the vehicle leaving the owner’s garage.
  • my service includes the following:
  • meeting the seller and seeing their car “in-person” to accurately assess the condition. no mail-in photos.
  • research prior sales of similar vehicles to establish a fair market value
  • all photography and videography to sell your vehicle
  • listing and monitoring your ad
  • answering all questions from prospective buyers
  • keeping you informed on the progress of the sale
  • payment for your car and a “bill of sale” before the vehicle leaves your garage
  • delivery arrangements with the new owner

Please feel free to call or email me with any questions. Hopefully, the information presented proves to be of interest and benefit to you.

Company History

Kurzmann’s Automotive Brokerage Services evolved from a lifelong passion for cars, 20+ years of experience selling on the internet, and the foresight of the aging “Baby Boomer’s”.  We can help vehicles sell from customer’s homes without leaving their garage to various points around the world. With nearly 85% of the vehicles selling ‘Sight Unseen’.

About 15+ years ago I was helping a friend clear out his parents’ farm. Stored in their garage was a 1963 Cadillac, Park Ave. Yes, I said Park Ave. Most people associate that model with a Buick, but Cadillac started using the name in 1962.  Only 1500 or so were made that year and this one was in excellent unrestored condition. The car sold on the internet in 5 days for more than 3 times what my friend expected and the caddie did not even run!!

From that original sale, I began receiving referrals from individuals and collectors who wanted to sell their “classic” car but did not want to deal with phone calls at all hours of the night, strangers visiting their house, and haggling over the price of their car.

With Kurzmann’s Automotive Brokerage Services, I have taken away all of the “what if’s” and made it so the car is sold, money is in the seller’s hands before the car leaves their garage, and they watch it go down the road to its new owner.


I have been an active eBay seller of cars and other items for more than 20 years and maintained a 100% rating during most of that period. Approximately 6 years ago I started an online service assisting owners of Classic, Vintage, and Muscle cars to sell their vehicles without them leaving the garage. These are private individual owners who do not want to deal with the public and all of the endless phone calls, “Tire kickers”, and other nonsense that goes on when trying to sell a car. They just want someone to sell it!!

References can be provided upon request. Feel free to call me at 410-937-0719
Thank you
J.D. Kurzmann

*Disclaimer: The main image for some listings is edited as needed so all show uniform size and ratio.  Background only, no editing is applied to the actual item being sold.