1975 MG B Convertible in very good condition. Actual mileage is shown to be 58,466 and the present owner has owned the car for 9 years and driven it less than 2,000.


  • History on this ‘B’ is not known except for the car being repainted once in the original white and the top and boot appear to have been replaced too. The body appears solid both on the top and underneath with no evidence of rust or bubbling.
  • All exterior lights, including turn signals, back up, and driving lights function.
  • The interior is original and in good condition except for two small tears in the driver’s seat (see photos). All the factory gauges function as well as the aftermarket AM/FM/CD player with speakers mounted in the door panels.
  • The original 1.8 L in-line 4-cylinder rated at 64 horsepower appears stock except for a Cannon intake manifold and Weber 2-barrel carburetor. The original intake and Zenith-Stromberg carburetor are NOT included.
  • The stock original 4-speed transmission with electric overdrive for 3rd and 4th gear shifts smoothly and recently had a new hydraulic slave cylinder installed.
  • Additionally, a new battery was installed, and the original spare tire, jack, and handle are included.
  • The ‘B’ shifts and drives smoothly but is a little stubborn when it is cold. Use of the manual choke is recommended until completely warmed up.
  • Please note this MG B has a “branded” title marked “Flood” which could matter when titling in certain states or countries.